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When you have a wild animal in your home, the worst thing you can do is try to take care of it yourself. Trust the more than 30 years of experience our pest control man has, and let him get the animal out with no fuss. Using live traps, we’ll make sure the little guy gets out in one piece.

Jobs usually completed within a week
By checking our traps every day until we get no catches several days in a row, we can boast a 90-95% success rate within the first week of trapping on residential. Of course, if you own a warehouse or industrial park, it’ll take us a little longer.

Regardless of the size of the area, though, most pests are caught in the first few days. It’s just when the stragglers have more places to hide, that it takes longer.

It’s time to take your home back:

Need to best a pest? Call Huber’s Nuisance Control day or night at 563-263-3368 for 24 hour pest control!

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